Zoodles was my tenth foster dog, and my first foster fail. In rescue, a foster fail is when a foster parent falls madly in love, head over heels with their foster dog and decides that parting ways is simply not an option. Zoodles saw me through my final years of high school, all of university and is now a very important part of my adult life. Relationships do not come without ups and downs, but the lessons learned at the end of the day are far more important than each individual struggle. Although I acquired Zoodles as puppy, she developed some bad behaviours and became quite reactive with other dogs. Using some of the same behaviour modification tools that I use today for my client dogs I was able to help Zoodles overcome her reactivity and become a model citizen. She is now an integral part of my training and helps me work with dogs on a daily basis. I thank Zoodles for teaching me how to fairly rehabilitate reactive dogs and for being such an incredible teacher to all of my foster dogs over the years.


Taffy came to me as a foster dog at 5 years of age. This sweet old gal was the mother to Runt and the wise elder of the pack. When Taffy arrived, she was riddled with anxiety and was extraordinarily destructive. She lived a hard life prior to coming to me, but we sure made up for it in the four years I got to spend with her before her passing in January of 2015. Taffy taught me a lesson on dealing with dogs who suffer from severe anxiety, and how to let a dog just be a dog. Once we established some peace in her life, she became an incredibly balanced dog who could go anywhere and do anything. Taffy loved people, so much that I had her certified as a therapy dog. She also loved other animals and took every opportunity to clean other dog’s, cat’s and bunny’s ears. I thank Taffy for teaching me to have patience and to cherish the little things in life. As an honour to my best friend, I created a rescue in her name: Taffy’s Legacy Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation also known as TLC.


Runt is a blessing and I am thankful every day that Taffy rewarded me with such an incredible addition to our pack. I had the honour of raising Runt from the day he was born and for that reason; he has not faced the same behavioural hardships that my other dogs have. However, I am sure my family would argue he is a little bit spoiled. Runt is a lover of all people and other animals. The only thing in life that he loves more than people is a brand new toy or better yet, a ball. I thank Runt for reminding me to be care free, his innocence is inspiring and refreshing.


Otis is the clown of our pack. He came to us from a pound because he was deemed aggressive with kids, cats, dogs and strangers. He really didn’t have a lot going for him, but who could resist that face. I spent a year rehabilitating him and building his confidence in new scenarios. Although he is a lifestyle dog, and to this day does have some behavioural quirks, Otis has made leaps and bounds from where he was when he arrived. He loves people and adores playing with other dogs. I thank Otis for reminding me to live, love and laugh as often as possible. Otis passed in October of 2020.


Shira is my wild child.  I purchased her from a breeder with the intention to show her in conformation and train her as my new demo dog.  She has since gone on to become a Champion in 5 different registries and Grand Champion in the ABRA.  She is a high drive dog with loads of personality, always keeping me on my toes.  Shira excels at everything she does and has  matured into a fantastic demo dog.  I thank Shira for being my inspiration to train nearly every single day.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know my family, I can’t wait to get to know yours!