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Talk about the ultimate boarding accommodations, The Dog’s Paw offers a “home away from home” lodging experience for your furry family members while you’re away. Each dog gets their own 5×5 private suite with an attached 5×10 outdoor run. Here at The Dog’s Paw we offer year round climate control, soothing music, supervised playgroup, walks and plenty of play time in fully fenced play areas.

Social Boarding

The day starts around 7:30 am.  All dogs are let out for a potty break, followed by breakfast.  The dogs retire to their suites from 8-10am for office hours.  At 10am the fun begins!  Every 20-40 minutes dogs are rotated into the daycare room/outside for playtime.  When dogs are on down time, they are let out every 2-4 hours for potty breaks.  At 3pm all dogs go back to their suites for office hours.  Dinner is served between 4:30-5:30. All dogs are let out for a post dinner potty break and last let out is between 9:30-11pm.

1 Dog – $27
2 Dogs (in a single suite) – $40
2 Dogs (in a double suite) – $45
3 Dogs (in a single suite) – $55
3 Dogs (in a double suite) – $60


Non-Social Boarding

Do you have a dog who doesn’t like other dogs?  Perhaps this has you worried to board them.  Here at The Dog’s Paw we are well equipped to dealing with under-socialized, difficult and aggressive dogs.  We have large private suites that will allow your dog to feel comfortable while keeping all of our guests safe.  Keep in mind, just because your dog may be non-social right now, does not mean that down the road they cannot switch over to social boarding with proper training!

1 Dog – $35
2 Dogs (in a single suite) – $50
2 Dogs (in a double suite) – $56

VIP Boarding

Want your dog to have the ULTIMATE boarding experience? Ask us about our add-ons exclusively for VIP guests.


For all other pricing inquiries please email us at or call 519.582.PAWS.

Check-in and check-out are by appointment only during our regular hours of operation. Afternoon pickup is charged the daycare rate in addition to the nightly boarding rate. Please email or call to book a reservation. All prices are subject to HST.