“Melissa is absolutely amazing with all animals, but especially dogs. She is kind, caring and compassionate, but firm. Any dogs who meets her, and person for that matter, loves her! If you haven’t met Melissa, you’re in for a treat, because her passion for her facility and the clients she supports and educates shines through magnetic smile. You truly couldn’t find someone more dedicated to the health and well being of animals. She has come so far and I am excited to continue seeing where her journey takes her.  As well, Melissa dedicates a lot of time helping people find their pets or new forever homes for dogs without one. And due to her immense love of dogs, she ensures that any dog through her rehabilitation services are provided with a safe, caring and loving forever home.” – Ashley Ryan

“The Dog’s Paw is the ONLY kennel I use. And the ONLY kennel I will ever use!” – Lindy Lystar

“Melissa at The Dog’s Paw – Delhi, Ontario is awesome! I have an English bulldog and other then family, I wouldn’t trust anyone else but her! She gives the attention and care to each individual dog that it needs and her facility is clean and orderly!” – Nadia Saunders

“Charlie always adopted from TLC and had spent quite some time with Melissa at The Dog’s Paw prior to living with us. When we dropped her off for a week she immediately started wagging her tail and getting excited in the car. Charlie has some hesitation meeting new people but once she recognized the staff she was jumping all around. Definitely made us feel confident that she was in good hands again while we were away! We will definitely go back for our next holiday!” – Katie Brown

“I used the dogs paw in august of 2017. I was so nervous about leaving Zetty for about 6 days I had never left him that long before. He seemed to enjoy his stay. Melissa and the girls that work there were so friendly. I checked in at a few places before choosing the dogs paw I was really happy with my decision and will be using her in the future.” – Amanda

“We have taken our dog Kain to The Dog’s Paw for both boarding and daycare. And he absolutely loves going to visit Melissa and the other wonderful workers. Everyone there are so kind, patient and treat very dog as though they’re their own. We wouldn’t take our dog anywhere else!

I’m sure Kain would love to come for another visit to play with the other dogs in the snow!” – Tiffany Rooke

“Lola has had Such a great time with Melissa and The Dog’s Paw! We, as fur parents, have learned so many ways to help Lola grow. We really appreciate Melissa’s extra care and time she puts into everything she does. She has been a huge help for us whenever we had any questions or concerns regarding our pup. Thank you for all you do! And we will certainly be back again and again!” – Angela Fluke

“We used the dog boarding for our wedding. We knew it was going to be chaos and our dog Leia is really effected by that so we wanted to take er somewhere she would be loved like we love her. Well she loves it there and the peace of mind we got was awesome too. Next vacation we know exactly what to do. Easiest plan we made with the wedding was booking the dog in lol. Thanks!!!”  – Gill Gates