Board & Train

Our board and train program is a fantastic way to put a solid foundation on any dog (any age) and may also be the best way to start tackling more severe behavioural issues in your dog.  Keep in mind that although we set the foundation for success, you will be required to maintain training once your dog comes home.  Dogs are very similar to humans in the fact that they need regular maintenance after undergoing behaviour modification.  In the same way a human who goes into a rehabilitation program must continue following healthy new habits to ensure they do not relapse, we must enforce healthy habits with our dog to ensure they do not revert back to their old behaviours.  Quite often dogs will try to revert back to their old ways when they come back into their old environment, testing their boundaries in the same way they did before.  Not to worry, we will provide you with the tools and information so that you and your dog are sure to succeed.  In a nutshell, our board and train service tackles the hard job of training your dog to live a healthier and more balanced life and allows you to bring them home with a new set of skills easily up-kept by routine training and maintenance.  As an added bonus, all of our Board and Train programs come with lifetime support.  All Board and Train graduates have access to our Nourish – Lifetime Relationship System which is a weekly group class focused on fostering and maintaining a healthy relationship with your dog, as well as access to our client only Facebook page.


Included in our B & T program:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Training Equipment: E-collar, Training Leash, Food Pouch & Place Cot
  • 2 Private Sessions (One “Go-Home” Full Session at the conclusion of training and One “Follow-Up” Half Session to be used 6 months from the end of training) **Extra private sessions are available at an additional fee.**
  • Minimum 2 week intensive training program
  • Written homework/reminders
  • Video footage of the training process
  • Access to Nourish – Lifetime Relationship System’s weekly group class for the life of the dog. **Training methods must be up-kept in order to guarantee access for life.**
  • Access to our client only Facebook page


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