Puppy Class: Socialization & Obedience – $200 (+HST)

Do you want to start your puppy out on the right track? The Dog’s Paw offers the most comprehensive puppy class around. Every Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm puppies gather in our 800sqft training area to socialize and learn basic obedience. For the first 30 minutes of class the puppies socialize while I discuss the importance of proper play styles and the need to advocate for your puppy. The remaining 30 minutes of class are spent working on basic obedience using marker training. In 12 weeks your puppy will learn to sit, down, place, recall, loose leash walk and so much more! For signing up, you will also receive a free food pouch!

All puppies 10-20 weeks of age can attend. Puppy class has staggered registration which means that if your puppy is between 10-20 weeks old, you can start class this Thursday! If you register your puppy at 10 weeks of age, your puppy is able to come for 10 weeks, assuming you don’t miss any classes. At 20 weeks of age puppies are no longer able to attend Puppy Class.

Not sure if you want to commit to 10 weeks of training? I also offer a drop in rate of $35.

All puppies are required to have their first DHPP vaccine to attend class.

Ultimate Obedience Class – $250 (+HST)

Do you have a dog who is over 20 weeks of age and need to work on his or her obedience? Does your dog pull you down the street? Is he/she leash reactive? Ignore you when called? Doesn’t listen? The Dog’s Paw offers a 6 week obedience class that covers sit, down, place, recall and loose leash walking in great detail. All attendees receive a food pouch and training lead. The first class is without dogs to allow me to discuss the importance of clear communication and the use of marker training to help get you and your dog speaking the same language. The remaining 5 classes are spent working with you and your dog to stamp out bombproof obedience.

Visit our Facebook page, or contact me via email today to see when our next basic obedience class is running!